CAN Bus Data Logger (hardware)



A hand-assembled CAN Bus Data Logger device built using ESP32, CAN shield and loaded with ESP32RET to be used with SavvyCAN.

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1) Wire the CAN device:

  • Connect the WHITE wire to CAN-High
  • Connect the YELLOW wire to CAN-Low
  • Connect the RED wire to power source 12 Volt
  • Connect the BLACK wire to the power source ground

2) Install SavvyCAN on Mac/PC

3) Power/plug the CAN device. The Red ( for power) and Blue ( for Wi-Fi Access Point) LEDs should be on

4) From the Mac/PC, connect to the Wi-Fi network called “CAN Wireless“. The password is

5) Open SavvyCAN. In the top menu, click on ‘Connections‘:

  • Click on: ‘Add New Device Connection’
  • Connection Type: Network connection (GVRET)
  • IP Address:  (should be auto-filled)
  • Click: Create New Connection
  • A new entry will be added to ‘Connected Devices‘ table with Status: ‘Connected’
  • You might need to adjust ‘CAN Speed‘, ‘Listen Only‘ depending on your needs and configuration

6) CAN frames should start flowing in SavvyCAN

7) Save the frames to a log file and share



Useful links:

  • SavvyCAN support group:
  • SavvyCAN on YouTube – (old video but worth watching)
  • ESP32RET:

PS: I am not affiliated with ESP32RET or SavvyCAN.

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