ESP8266 Custom Flasher PCB


This is a companion PCB for the FT232R USB-to-serial programmer that works with some of my custom designed ESP8266 boardsĀ  ( e.g. Contact Sensor v3).

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How to use:

1) Solder an FT232R USB-to-serial adapter to the PCB as show below ( make sure FT232R is on the 3.3v jumper and not 5v).

2) Align the 6 pins from the flasher PCB to the device. The pin labels are on the bottom of the PCB.

3) Flash as you would normally with an FT232R USB-to-serial adapter.


At the top of the PCB, there are spots for a 3.3v regulator and a capacitor. Normally, they are not needed. I ran in some scenarios that more current is required to program an ESP8266. I added this for those rare scenarios.

Weight 2 g
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 0.1 cm
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