MAX4466 Electret Microphone Amplifier Module


The MAX4466 is micropower op-amp optimized for use as microphone preamplifiers with adjustable gain. They work on +2.4V to +5.5V.

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The MAX4466 is micropower op amp optimized for use as microphone preamplifiers. They provide the ideal combination of an optimized gain bandwidth product vs. supply current, and low voltage operation in ultra-small packages. The MAX4466 is decompensated for a minimum stable gain of +5V/V and provide a 600kHz gain bandwidth product. In addition, these amplifiers feature Rail-to-Rail® outputs, high AVOL, plus excellent power-supply rejection and common-mode rejection ratios for operation in noisy environments.

The single MAX4466 are offered in the ultra-small 5-pin SC70 package.

  •  +2.4V to +5.5V Supply Voltage Operation
  • Excellent Power-Supply Rejection Ratio: 112dB
  • Excellent Common-Mode Rejection Ratio: 126dB
  • High AVOL: 125dB (RL = 100kΩ)
  • Rail-to-Rail Outputs
  • Low 24µA Quiescent Supply Current

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