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This is the third iteration of my hub which was designed to gateway ESPNow messages over Wi-fi. It contains an ESP-12F module, ESP-07S module, 0.91 inch blue OLED, an SD Card module, an LED indicator for notification, an LED indicator for power, an AMS1117 3.3V voltage regulator and a USB-C connector for power (5 Volt). the Hub comes with a flexible antenna.

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I designed this device to listen to ESPNow messages coming from my sensors using an ESP-07S module and push these messages to an ESP-12F module that acts as a Wifi and MQTT gateway. Both ESP-07S and ESP-12F modules come pre-loaded with my latest firmware. Please note, you will most likely need to change the source code to make them fit your need (if you are using a different ESPNow message structure than mine).


On initial boot, wait 30 seconds, the hub will broadcast¬† an SSID called ‘Setup Portal‘ with password ‘‘. After connecting to this SSID, go to and follow the instructions. On the configuration page, don’t forget to add the NTP server location. If you are not running one locally, simply use

To program ESP-07S/12F

You will need a FT232R USB to serial programmer (3.3V only). There are 2 set of pins at the top: one to program the ESP12 and one for ESP07. Check the back of the hub for the pin labels. Using the FT232R side pins (Tx, DTR, RTS, Vcc, Rx, Gnd)  align them with the PCB (Rx, 00, RST, 3.3V, Tx, -, Gnd). Then load your Arduino IDE and upload. No need to put the ESP in programming mode, the FT232R takes care of that.

Please note: make sure (1) the Rx and Tx pads are disconnected/desoldered on the hub and (2) you are powering the device with a USB-C cable while programming.

Source code

The full source code and schematics are available on my Gitlab repo.  ( this includes the source code for the receiver/ESP-07S and the gateway/ESP-12F).




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