ESP32 CAN Bus Shield (v1.1)


This is the upgraded (version 1.1) ESP32 CAN shield. This development kit has a CAN transceiver, 3.3V voltage regulator, red LED to indicate power, and blue LED connected to D26. New for v1.1, I added a voltage divider on D32, a 120Ω CAN termination resistor and a physical toggle switch that allows the CAN transceiver to go in Listen-only / Do-Not-Transmit mode.

Compatible with the 30 pin ESP32 DevKit V1 version ONLY. Add it to your cart here or get it from Amazon, AliExpress or your favourite electronic store.

The shield comes with male headers, JST XH2.54 header and a 4 wire cable. PS: the colours of the wires are arbitrary.

The original v1.0 page can be found here.

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This is a custom, machine assembled, CAN shield designed to fit the 30 pin ESP32 DevKit1 board version. It uses the SN65HVD233 CAN transceiver and can be powered directly from a 12v power source (ex: a car battery).


  • Data Rates up to 1 Mbps
  • Cross-wire protection
  • Over temperature (thermal shutdown) protection
  • EMI and ESD bus protection using NUP2105

  • Max Input Voltage ( without voltage divider): 24 Volt
  • Max Input Voltage ( with voltage divider): 15 Volt
  • Max Input Current: 2 Amp
  • Frequency: 570 kHz
  • Output: 3.3V to the ESP32 board
  • Overvoltage transient protection
  • Thermal shutdown protection

The red LED, voltage divider and 120Ω resistor are disabled by default and can be enabled by soldering solder-jumpers on the shield.

The SN65HVD233 CAN transceiver can be configured into 2 modes (using a physical toggle switch):

  • RW mode: The transceiver is active and the shield can Read and Write to the CAN bus. The Rs pin is connected to ground through a 10kΩ. The driver will have a slew rate of ~15 V/μs.
  • R mode : The transceiver enters a low-current standby mode during which the driver is switched off and the receiver remains active. The shield can only Read from the CAN bus and is not able to write to it. Rs is connected to 3.3V.


esp32 can bus wiring
  • Car’s CAN High to CAN-High
  • Car’s CAN Low to CAN-Low
  • Car’s Power Source to Power-12V
  • Car Ground to Power-Gnd




Sample Code (download code)


Video overview of the original v1.0

Dimensions 5 × 2.8 × 1.6 cm
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